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Is the version of your browser compatible with Sage CRM? If you are upgrading your existing Sage CRM installation, is the application server and database server appropriate for the installation?

It is so worth it to confirm this for yourself. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to do. Find out how to get the Sage CRM Compatibility Matrix in this 2 minute video:


The Sage CRM Compatibility Matrix is also useful for people who are considering upgrading their existing work machines. You want to be confident that you can use your browser and operating system of choice. Sage CRM is browser-based, which means for most people accessing it, all they  need is a browser and an internet connection. But if your Sage CRM is integrated with Sage 300 ERP, you will definitely need to make sure that both applications are supported.

For more information about the Sage 300 ERP Support Matrix, see the Sage 300 ERP Compatibility Guides, here.


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