Moby Dick House of Kabob originally started in 1989 as Moby’s Luncheonette, a restaurant focused on serving traditional American lunch and breakfast. One day, owner Mike Daryoush decided to change the direction of the business, build a traditional clay oven like the kind used in his home country of Iran, and focus instead on serving authentic Persian cuisine. Baking fresh pita bread in the traditional clay oven created an authentic tradition that would drive Moby’s Luncheonette to change to what it has become today. In 2017, Moby Dick opened its 23rd location in the Washington, DC area.

The Moby Dick House of Kabob story is not unlike many other great ‘American dream’ stories: have an idea, work hard to make it happen, and build a successful venture. Through it all, Moby Dick continues to be unyielding in their belief of “never cutting corners.” This is the inspiration behind the kabobs, gyros, falafel, baklava, and other food items.

Veggie Kabob

Photo by Anton Darius | Sollers

About the Acumatica ERP Implementation:

Moby Dick went live on April 1, 2017 with Acumatica version 6.0. The Acumatica elements used include:

  • Financial (GL, AP, AR)
  • Distribution (IN, PO, SO)
  • FusionWMS Advanced
  • MaxQ Laser Checks
  • Manager’s Scorecard (a customization written by Acumatica)

This project’s main goal was to replace Peachtree and Inflow (a nonintegrated inventory system) with Acumatica. This project was undertaken for several reasons: Moby Dick is adding new stores rapidly and needed to better scale their financial accounting systems. They have also become a franchisor-  and the old system and processes were not suited to handle this growth. The major areas of improvement desired were:

  • An Integrated Inventory System
    • Perpetual inventory of raw materials and prepared food (“kits”) in warehouse and stores
    • Real-time knowledge of actual cost of sales
    • The ability to use bar code scanning to assist with accuracy of receiving Purchase Orders and picking Sales Orders
  • The automated Integration of Sales from Point of Sale (POS) system
    • Use scheduled import scenarios in Acumatica to import daily sales file created on ftp site by POS system
    • Use sales history by item to enable proper analytics and trend information
  • Integrated and automated order processing from stores
    • Eliminate faxing and manual order-keying
    • Decrease waste by knowing what is left in stock at stores
    • Use bar coding to improve quality control
  • Increase efficiencies in all aspects of accounting and enterprise resource planning
    • Establish a solid foundation for growth as a franchiser
    • Establish more formal procedures for running the business
    • Automate manual tasks so that as quantity increases, labor hours can stay steady.

Why The Project Worked

This was an effective and very enjoyable team effort by Moby Dick House of Kabob, Debbie Mazzullo of DataQuest, and Acumatica.

Acumatica provides a level of visibility and process efficiency to our business that I never thought possible. It is very user-friendly and extremely customizable right “out of the box.” I also love how scalable it is; I foresee Acumatica being a long-term solution for us.

Debbie and the Dataquest Team have an unparalleled level of dedication to their clients’ success. They made the Acumatica implementation such an organized, coordinated effort and ensured that we stayed true to our project goals and deadlines along the way. An absolute pleasure to work with!

– Ned Daryoush, Vice President of Moby Dick House of Kabob

From kick-off to go-live the project team was amazing to work with. They maintained a great attitude of embracing change and improving systems. We learned from all of our setbacks, which always made the result even better. I am amazed at what has been accomplished by such a small group of hardworking individuals in such a brief period. We accomplished all the lofty goals listed above. Moby Dick is forward-thinking in continuing to focus on how to improve the system. I feel very fortunate to have been working with Ned and the Moby Dick team on this implementation. A big shout out to Acumatica too for their support which set us up for success!

– Debbie Mazzullo, Partner at DataQuest

Thank you Moby Dick House of Kabob!

Moby Dick Kabob