“What distinguishes DataQuest is that they focus on ROI and are always thinking of ways to make things better for the client. Solutions are thoughtful and implementation is smooth because they plan, document and execute with discipline.”

Cathy Wold, Controller, SureFit Home Décor

Case Study Background

In this interview, we hear from the Controller and Internal Auditor at SureFit Home Décor about how they worked with DataQuest to identify processes that could be automated so that staff could work on other areas of the business. Together we managed major process automations in the invoicing department. This was a very enjoyable experience because the staff saved 15 hours/week, or about 18 weeks per year that has been re-deployed to work on other projects. Let’s hear from them!

Our Biggest ROI  – Invoices and Credit Note Automations

The projects with the biggest ROI have been the automations we’ve put in place for invoicing and credit notes.
The first automation, for sending invoices to our customers, has saved us about 5-10 hours per week. We created an automation where, if there is a flag set at the customer level, that customer will be invoiced automatically.

Since we implemented this, we’ve moved a majority of our customers to this automated process. Now that it’s in place we don’t worry about the invoice issues that we used to have. Instead, we just manage by exception. There’s an audit report that alerts us to any issues. If there’s ever a problem, the audit tells us right where to look so we can easily correct it and keep the automation running.

Credit Note Automations

The related automation we put in place handles credit notes. We needed this automation to handle the increasing number of special credits we were offering. We allow our salespeople to create different kinds of incentives, and they were becoming challenging to track and credit manually. With the automation, we manage the credit rules in a single spreadsheet, and the automation is able to read that spreadsheet, interpret the logic, and react to any invoices in the system that should have credit notes applied to them.

This is another process that has saved us 5 hours per week ever since it’s been in place. That has been a great ROI for us. It has also reduced data entry errors and has allowed us to spend more time doing things like making collections calls, working with our customers, and doing the things that we’re really good at- instead of just entering data.

Interview with:

Cathy Wold, Controller, SureFit Home Décor
Ellie DuToit, Internal Audit, SureFit Home Décor

Thank you to the team at SureFit Home Decor!