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How using business activity monitoring will keep you sane (and smart)

Sage Alerts & Workflow (aka KnowledgeSync) business activity monitoring software is like a 24-hour sentinel keeping watch over your Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM systems, alerting you to anything that’s not as it should be.

The more information you’re exposed to, the more important it is to manage by exception. For example, you may not need to know about every single purchase order, but you do need to know about the ones where there’s been a disproportionate price increase on the product.

Likewise, you may not need to know about every single payment you receive, but you do need to know about which customers are 90 days overdue. For smart, efficient exception management, we recommend using a business activity monitoring software called Sage Alerts & Workflow, published by VineyardSoft.

Good Examples of Using Alerts & Workflow:

Auto-Send Client Invoices & Statements

Are you mailing or faxing invoices? Is anyone in your office individually emailing order confirmations? We strongly recommend automating this- Sage Alerts & Workflow automation saves an average of 2 minutes per invoice.

Monitor Stock Levels and Auto-Create POs

Are you ever unaware of stock at – or near – re-order level? Do you manually generate and send purchase orders to suppliers? We can fix that. Sage Alerts & Workflow automation saves an average of 3 minutes per PO.

Reach out to My Customers Who Haven’t Ordered in the last 120 Days

Do you lose customers without knowing it? Instead of unwittingly losing a customer, use a gentle nudge like the notice below- it can go to each salesperson.

Mickeys Acct No Orders

Exception Management: Vendors with no E-mail address

If you’re automating your POs, this will be a requirement.

Orders On Hold, Customers on Hold

Make sure you are aware of any on-hold customers and orders.

Exception Management: Incomplete Addresses Added to CRM This Week

How about a summary email to the department head every Friday at 2pm to show her any addresses that were added this week, but where there are incomplete values for City, State, ZIP or Country?


Almost any scenario you can think of, we can help you manage it. This tool helps you get much more control over what’s happening in you business by filtering out the less relevant data and surfacing the important parts.
Check out this KnowledeSync/Sage Alerts & Workflow ROI calculator, here: SAW ROI Calculator

Sage Alerts & Workflow is part of a suite of recommended reporting tools.

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