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Acumatica Side Panel: Invoices For This Customer

Adding an Acumatica Side Panel: Show Invoices for this Customer

An Acumatica side panel is a navigation option similar to a pop-up window. A side panel can show a report, the results of a generic inquiry, or a data entry form. Here’s a great webinar recording showing how side panels can be used with Generic Inquiries.

In this example, you’ll see how to view a customer’s Invoices and Memos from the Customer form (AR303000).

Starting with Acumatica ERP 2020 R1, users can enable the functionality of an Acumatica side panel not only against generic inquiries but against other forms (such as the customer form) as well. However, the user must have the security role of “customizer” to build the below customization.

Acumatica side panel visibility

See, here’s how we do customizations!

1. Write the Generic Inquiry showing Invoices and Memos

Our first step is to generate the content for the side panel. We write a generic inquiry to show the Invoices & Memos data. You may use the existing Generic Inquiry for this or create a custom one. Therefore, our recommendation is:

1. Create a copy of the existing “Invoices & Memos” inquiry

2. Rename the inquiry

3. Edit the copied inquiry

You’ll probably want fewer fields that what appear in the original Invoices & Memos form. Inactivate any that you don’t need.

2. Create the Acumatica Side Panel Navigation

To add a side panel to another generic inquiry screen, just add it to the “navigation” tab of the generic inquiry. In this example, we’re adding the Acumatica side panel to a different screen type. Therefore, it’s considered a customization.

Navigate to the Customization Projects (SM204505) form and create a new project. Name and save the project, and then begin editing.

In the Customization Project Editor, select the screen that will have the side panel enabled. In our example, we want the side panel to exist against the Customer form (AR303000). Choose “Add Screen” and enter details for AR303000.

Acumatica side panel add screen

On the Screens > Form ID > Actions, you may add an action. In our example, we’ll choose action type = Navigation: Side panel type.

Acumatica side panel add action

Now we must:

  • specify general settings;
  • add the destination screen (that’s the Generic Inquiry you modified, above);
  • and specify parameters (for instance, CustomerID is selected as a parameter so that the side panel displays the invoices only for that customer.)

Add parameters

3. Publish the Customization

In the Customization Project Editor, choose Publish> Validate Current Project. Assuming this passes validation, choose “Publish Current Project.”

Now your side panel is ready. Navigate to a customer form, refresh the screen, and you’ll see your Acumatica Side Panel. Beautiful!

Acumatica Side Panel

Note: when moving a customization from one Acumatica instance to another, you’ll also need to import any associated Generic Inquiries separately and test them first.