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Creating Marketing Lists in Acumatica CRM

Understanding your customers and prospects is key if you want to create marketing lists that are meaningful. Segmenting your contacts by their interests helps ensure that you’re sharing the right message with the right audience. In Acumatica CRM, there are several ways to create segmented marketing lists that we’ll share here.

Profiling Your Contacts to Create Marketing Lists

In Acumatica CRM, it’s smart to profile the contacts in your system by their interests and attributes.

create marketing lists

In fact, Acumatica allows users with the proper security configuration to create custom attributes that are appropriate for your business. For example, if we wanted to create a marketing campaign to target people who had recently had our company service their machinery, we would want to ensure that the following attributes exist in the system:

At the customer level: Identify customers that belong to the ‘machinery’ channel by using a multi-select attribute called “CHANNEL”

At the contact level: Identify contacts interested in our machine services by using another multi-select attribute called “INTERESTED” – here’s an example of how this would look:

create marketing list

You can create multiple attributes that you can then attach to business accounts, contacts and leads.

Assigning Attributes to Contacts and Business Accounts

You’ll want to make sure your contacts and accounts are up to date with the right attributes. You can of course populate these on the fly as you create new contacts and business accounts. If you’re creating a new contact via the Acumatica Outlook Add-in, you can create the contact, then populate the attributes once the contact is created. (Ideally we’d be able to set attribute defaults so they could be populated when adding new contacts. If that sounds good, vote on this enhancement request like we did!)

If you wanted to populate the attribute value for many contacts or business accounts at one time, you would do that through an import scenario (not through a Mass Update built from a Generic Inquiry as this experience shows).

Creating the Marketing List

Now it’s time to create the marketing list. For grins, let’s call it “Don’t Rage Against The Machine.” (Please don’t do this in real life).  Create a Generic Inquiry that shows all of your contacts where:

  1. The company CHANNEL attribute = machinery
  2. The contact’s INTEREST attribute = machine services

You’d also want to suppress any contact who has opted out or should not receive marketing communications.

Then, associate this Generic Inquiry with a marketing list. Do this on screen CR2040PL by creating a new marketing list, selecting “Add New Members” and then selecting the “Don’t Rage Against The Machine” Generic Inquiry.

create marketing lists

Sending The Communication

At this point it’s time to send your communication to the “Don’t Rage Against The Machine” List. You have a few options here:

  1. Export the Generic Inquiry, and import that list to your third-party e-mail marketing tool.
  2. Use an integrated marketing platform (Which one? It’s under consideration- vote here)
  3. Send the emails using the “Mass Emails” area of Acumatica (this is not recommended for large groups as there is a higher probability of being blacklisted, and there is not an automatic way to manage your audience’s unsubscribe preferences.)

Back on the Marketing List screen, make sure to add an activity to indicate that you contacted this segment with a mass email communication.

Acumatica is a solid tool for developing and managing marketing lists. Let us know how it goes for you, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help!