DataQuest Restructuring

Meet the DataQuest Team

This is a bit of an internally focused post about the DataQuest team- we wanted to share a little bit about our recent ownership restructuring. Our organization is now DataQuest Solutions, an LLC owned equally by four members: Mark Binkley and Arline Welty are joined by David Gelula and Debbie Mazzullo. It feels so satisfying to say that. We’ve now achieved one of our five-to-ten year goals. If you’ve ever had those kinds of goals, you know they can be maddeningly hard to prioritize on a daily basis, despite their importance. There are lawyers to hire, tax consequences to consider, standards of fairness to uphold, and sacrifices to make. But the payoff for our organization has been tangible. There are already changes and improvements that we’ve all felt. With this post we hope to share the story of our journey to get here and what it means for our customers and business partners.

Our Story

This new structure became appealing to us as we considered several factors in the marketplace: our current business, an opportunity to expand our offerings, and a wish to share responsibilities and benefits with other small business owners.

The wish to share responsibility among owners has been a key enticement to make this change. David Gelula and Debbie Mazzullo, both of whom bring successful independent consulting operations to DataQuest, add incredible skills and expertise to the DataQuest bench. The benefits of having additional leadership that is both technical and operational in nature means that we can offer a better experience to our customers. Additionally, it means we can learn from one another and grow in our knowledge management practices.

With this expansion has also come a redoubled effort on documentation and standards so that our clients have a consistent experience with us. In short, we have a commitment to sharing knowledge both internally and with our customers so that people are empowered to fully understand and embrace the technology and processes in place at their own business.

Another element of this decision to to grow the business was a wish to offer a cloud-first enterprise software solution. We did a thorough marketplace review and decided that DataQuest would begin offering Acumatica in addition to our core Sage software solutions. For more on our decision, see our Acumatica page. For us, this represents a very exciting area of opportunity for the business. Debbie Mazzullo is currently leading us in this arena and we are very excited about this new offering.


The DataQuest team chooses to work with excellent clients. We have been able to build relationships with customers that have been incredibly rewarding over the years. We have been disciplined about architecting solutions that maximize customer investment and introduce automations and efficiencies wherever possible. Those solutions have introduced a level of mutual success. With that success we have been able to make a conscious and intentional choice: to enrich the relationships with clients where there is a culture of mutual respect, and to part company where that is not the case. The owners have worked together on the values that we hold collectively, and have made the decision to bring this level of intentionality to the work that we do and the relationships that we hold.

There is also an interpersonal side to this that we can’t ignore. The same way we require a culture of mutual respect of our clients, we also require that from all of our DataQuest team members. The core values that we hold personally and to which we can hold each other are: collaboration, respect, discipline, quality, integrity and transparency.

We’ve realized by working with one another that there is some palpable synergy when we collaborate. We realized it was time to join together as a team, share the responsibilities of operating a business, and support each other along the way.

With this change, you may notice a few new things.

First, we do have an updated W-9 certificate, which you can download here:  W-9_DataQuestLLC.

Second, you may have a new account manager who will work with you on questions related to business process, system upgrades, and software direction.

Third, we have introduced a new method for working with our support desk which is to introduce our DataQuest support portal. The portal guides you through a few questions before creating a ticket in our system. It is the best way to initiate a request!

DataQuest Support Desk

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Thank you

Thank you for being a part of the DataQuest world. We are grateful for being able to get to this point and being able to make one of our dreams happen. Thank you for your partnership along the way.

Mark, Arline, David and Debbie