Realisable IMAN 4.1.1 Release Notes

The latest version of Realisable IMAN 4.1.1 (our preferred tool for automated integrations for Sage 300 and Sage CRM) has been released, with a major emphasis on improvements to the design experience and in the web services functionality. Here’s what you can expect.

Realisable IMAN 4.1.1 Release

The 2 predominant areas of improvement are:

  • Several overall improvements in usability and design
  • Improvements in web services functionality, making it easier to integrate with cloud-based applications

Usability and Design Improvements

Newer Controls in Preview area

The best improvement for usability is that the ‘refresh’ function is immediate and brings in the entire data set. As an example, bring up a pre-existing Excel reader, and the preview window now automatically refreshes. Once you set up your transform or make a change, you can hit ‘Refresh’ just once. The application goes to the data source and automatically generates the results in the Preview pane. So – you’ll get your errors if they appear immediately instead of seeing them later due to the former asynchronous refresh. Because of this newer lightweight control, the screens overall are quicker to load, so designing integrations is faster.

There’s a great screen recording of the Preview pane in action on the Realisable IMAN site.

Impact on Hierarchical data set

Because of the newer controls, the expansion of grids is faster because the data resides on the client side. If you’ve got large amounts of data in the grid, it’s much easier to handle.

Script Control Enhancements

If you’re writing expressions and formulas within a transform, the work window is expandable so you can view more of the formula and have more room to work. Additionally, if you enable script evaluation, the application will automatically check the script.

Realisable 4.1.1

Image courtesy of Realisable

These improvements will make designing a lot quicker.

Web Services Improvements

Web services improvements include new web services endpoints, request paging, and robust documentation.

Request paging

Request paging is a function of a lot of web sevices. Request paging allows you to get a bigger data set at once. So if you’re working with a data set of 1,000 records, the typical web service experience is that with each call, you get a certain number (say 200) records per request. So to get the 1,000 records, you have to make a request to the web service 5 times. Paging, in contrast, allows you to use different types of paging to request large amounts of records at once from web services.

URL, body and response

These three types of paging used throughout the internet and with this release, IMAN can cope with any of these.

New writer transform

The new writer transform “Form URL Writer” is specifically intended for use with web services. It is used for updating or creating records that are parameter-based. This is useful when you need to send parameters to a service to create or update a record.  While this is somewhat limited in scope, the Form URL Writer just gives the designer a broader scope to integrate with other web services.

Other Goodies

We’re also looking forward to:

  • Ability to connect to Sage CRM instances over https
  • Web service cookbook with instructions on how to use the web service functionality- setting up authentication, setting up web service behaviors, using web service lookups, reading from and writing to web services and more.
  • New, quicker installer, with IIS App Pool settings bundled into the package

To see examples of integrations we’ve built with our Sage 300 & Sage CRM customers, check out our detailed post on how you can integrate everything using IMAN. For the publisher’s notes on Realisable IMAN 4.1.1, read more here.