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Remittance Advice in Acumatica

In this post we’ll share step-by-step details on how to handle a few activities around remittance advice to vendors.  Remittance advice is essentially a communication you send to a vendor to indicate that a document has been paid. The communication is typically sent for checks and ACH payments as a courtesy to the vendor. In high-transaction environments, it is not unusual for remittance advice to include dozens of invoice numbers and other information.

There are 2 specific scenarios we’ll step through, based on common questions we get at DataQuest related to how to handle these notices.

Remittance advice: The Questions

“How can I control the number of lines on the check stub?  And if I’m paying so many invoices on one check that they won’t print on a single check stub, how can I generate further remittance advice?”

“If it’s an ACH payment instead of a check payment, how can I generate a remittance advice and submit it to my vendor so they know an ACH payment has been made on their behalf?”

Remittance advice: The Answers

You’re able to do these in a snap with Acumatica and we can show you how. In this webinar recording, Debbie Mazzullo steps through how to set up and configure these activities, including configuring the automated notice to send from Acumatica to your vendor.

At DataQuest, one of our core values is transparency. We try to be open with our knowledge and share it wherever we can. We create these posts and videos to share with customers, prospects, and other partners. We feel strongly that Acumatica is an incredibly strong platform. The more interest there is, the better! So- enjoy.

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