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Sorting True Cloud from Faux Cloud ERP

What is True Cloud?

It’s likely that your business is in the process of moving more of its processes to cloud-based providers. True cloud technology provides security and can lead to significant savings.

Get the eBook, Clearing the Clouds,  to learn the differences and benefits of the various cloud options.

True Cloud

Moving the company's ERP system to the cloud is becoming very attractive for technology and finance leaders.

Due to this demand, we've seen competing products in the marketplace, and have spotted some providers claiming to offer cloud in a way that is not true cloud.

You’ll need a discerning eye when sizing up the providers. Unfortunately, “cloudwashing” (pretending to be an authentic cloud solution) has become prevalent - so purchasers need to know what questions to ask.


What's In the eBook?

SMB Group's new eBook, "Clearing the ERP Clouds" gives pointers on how to separate the real clouds from the fog machines. The following are a few of the areas these industry experts address:

  • Types, benefits, and costs of various cloud platforms
  • How to confirm authentic cloud solutions
  • Identifying and avoiding cloudwashing
  • Data security in cloud-based solutions

Don’t settle for smoke and mirrors. Get your copy of "Clearing the ERP Clouds".

In the book you'll learn:

  • What are the differences and benefits of various providers?
  • How is my information secured in the cloud?
  • What should I always ask when considering an option?

Educate yourself on what true cloud is. Filter out faux-cloud solutions and learn how a genuine cloud solution can revolutionize your business.