Using IMAN to integrate everything with Sage

Integration Manager (IMAN) is one of our new favorite tools here at DataQuest. It is a middleware product that bridges systems that don’t have any native integration. This allows you to use different systems for e-commerce, payments, or external websites and then use IMAN to bring them all together in one place. It helps your systems function as a cohesive whole. IMAN can be a resource whether your base accounting system is Sage 300 ERP or Acumatica.

We want to give you a few examples of how IMAN can automate helpful tasks, keep your accounting and CRM systems functioning as the single point of truth in the organization, and consolidate disparate data so there’s only one place to look.

Integration Examples

Amazon Integration:

The IMan Amazon connector provides you the means to integrate your Amazon marketplace or Amazon warehouse (FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon) with your accounting system.

The Amazon connector is fully featured containing the following functionality:

  • Worldwide marketplace support.
  • Support for both MFN (Merchant Fulfillment Network) and FBA orders.
  • Upload of shipment/dispatch data for MFN orders.
  • Download of shipment data for FBA orders.
  • Support for transaction data feeds/reports from Amazon.

Magento  Integration:

The Magento Connector for IMan provides bi-directional integration allowing you to integrate a range of Sage applications with the Magento eCommerce platform.

Order processing workflows can be customized according to your business process:

  • Full support for all Magento transactions: Orders, Shipments, Invoices & Credit Memos raised in Magento can be imported into your Sage application. This provides flexibility as to whether order processing is managed in Magento or your ERP solution.
  • Ability to dynamically create Customer Accounts and Stock Items in your Sage application per your business’ process.
  • Upload of master data such as Customer Accounts, Items, Pricing & Inventory from your Sage ERP, Accounting or CRM solution to Magento.
  • Upload from your ERP application shipment transactions including shipment tracking information.
  • Extensive email capability such as alerts to customer services and/or sending of customer facing documents such as order & shipment confirmations.

DataQuest Customer Use Cases


Auto-create unposted batches of credit notes:

With IMAN, we auto-create an unposted batch of credit notes based on predetermined customer discounts. This is a custom IMan integration that is managed by an AR specialist. The specialist maintains a spreadsheet that describes all the current invoice discounts in place for specific customers. IMan then reads this spreadsheet into a custom database and based on the discounts, creates all the necessary credit notes and creates a single unposted batch. The AR specialist reviews this batch & posts- this saves hours of work that were previously used to individually create hundreds of credit notes for small amounts. With this integration, the credit notes don’t pile up and become a burden- they are easily managed. And nothing slips through the cracks.

Import records to Sage CRM:

With IMan it’s possible to Import person and company records from a separate website or CRM system into Sage CRM, applying transformations along the way where needed. For example, all these records could be flagged that they are part of another source system, or assigned a specific Title Code in Sage CRM. There is de-duplication capability so that the integration does not create duplicates. A daily audit log is sent out with results.

Import Payroll transactions from TruPay into your Sage 300 ERP General Ledger:

When a customer began using TruPay to manage payroll, they needed a way to post those transactions into the General Ledger. With IMAN, the customer simply exports the transaction details from TruPay, and uses IMan to automatically flag those transactions as part of the payroll import, and create an unposted General Ledger batch with all payroll details. The customer review the unposted batch and then posts.

Import Sales orders, Customers and item information from a custom Point of Sale system into Sage 300 ERP for orders and accounting.

A customer with a very active external salesforce didn’t want to force the entire salesforce to change platforms for taking orders in the field at shows and on customer sites. With IMAN, they didn’t have to force a change on the entire team – they can continue to use the existing Point of Sale (POS) tool. Now, we use iMan to maintain consistency in the salesperson experience while taking that data from the POS system and importing it to Sage 300 ERP for accounting purposes. This process can create new customers on the fly and add orders to existing customer records. Order confirmations and accounting functions are managed within Sage 300.

Automatically create unposted A/R Cash Recipt Batches

In this video, you’ll see how we automatically create AR Receipt Batches, starting with an Excel spreadsheet showing details of documents paid by ACH. We examine the source data, then see how the cash receipt batch gets created by IMAN. Then we see how the IMAN job creates an output file and audit log explaining any overages or shortages.

More about IMAN

IMan is a purpose-built middleware platform that puts integration at the forefront of the design experience. It is a solution for data integration and transformation that has helped many of our clients preserve data from different sources and properly transform it for usage.

IMan provides deep and seamless integration into your ERP/Accounting and CRM systems. IMan supports both transactional and master data and each of its application connectors provide a simple and coherent integration.

The agnostic approach to data means that disparate data sources can be manipulated & integrated.

At DataQuest, we’ll work with you to understand your challenges and discuss options for using IMan to pull your data together and build the system you need.