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Video: Importing Data to Acumatica

Acumatica is a business management platform. So, your other systems need to be able to “talk” to it. That way, you can use Acumatica as your single source of truth for reporting and decision making. Importing data to Acumatica is where it all starts.

One of the ways we help customers accomplish this is by finding multiple ways to incorporate external data into your system. For integration fundamentals, check this post first.

In this follow-up recording, you’ll see examples of importing data to Acumatica from a spreadsheet. There are 3 main topics here:

  • Importing AP Invoices to generate a single invoice with multiple lines
  • Importing in “migration mode” for when you are doing a one-time pull of data from a legacy system
  • Importing while incorporating a data transformation step

Importing data to Acumatica can be a one-time initial load, or an ongoing integration. We can help make sure you have complete flexibility with data integrations, no matter the data source.

Interested in seeing how this would work at your site?

Curious to test importing to a test tenant before importing to production?

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