Yesterday’s Gone

Post by DataQuest consultant Paul Stone

Back in early April, I teamed up with some friends from the 90’s to write this song about the period that we are all going through.

So, after a 21-year hiatus, Zolty Cracker has now released the song, Yesterday’s Gone.

It was a wonderful experiences to be involved with. We were all socially distanced but collaborating during a surreal period in our lives. I’m very grateful to Gilles (Saskatoon), Annie (Vancouver), Wayne (Vancouver) and Michael (the lonely bear from Newfoundland) for allowing me to achieve one of my bucket list dreams of writing this song.

This song was mixed and mastered by world-renowned Grammy- and Juno- nominated sound engineer Howard Redekopp. I spent many hours writing in the garage and this song helped me cope.

Please enjoy “Yesterday’s Gone.”