Case Study

Going Live with Acumatica at Moby Dick House of Kabob

The Challenge

Multiple legacy business systems were not suited to handle the rapid growth of this franchisor in Washington, DC

The Moby Dick House of Kabob back story

Living the American dream by honoring tradition
Moby Dick House of Kabob originally started in 1989 as Moby’s Luncheonette, a restaurant focused on serving traditional American lunch and breakfast. One day, owner Mike Daryoush decided to change the direction of the business.


The idea was to base the cuisine around a traditional clay oven like the kind used in his home country of Iran. As a result, the traditions of Persian cuisine drove impressive growth. In 2017, Moby Dick opened its 23rd location in the Washington, DC area. With rapid growth came the need to choose a more sophisticated business management system.

The Solution

Replace multiple non-integrated software tools with Acumatica.

Now the team sees operations, accounting, and inventory information all in one place. The new approach allows for integrations, and is helping Moby Dick continue to scale the business.

Ned Daryoush, Vice President Moby Dick House of Kabob

Debbie and the Dataquest Team have an unparalleled level of dedication to their clients’ success. They made the Acumatica implementation such an organized, coordinated effort and ensured that we stayed true to our project goals and deadlines along the way. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Results and benefits

o Perpetual inventory in warehouse and stores
o Real-time knowledge of actual cost of sales
o Accurate Purchase Orders & Sales Orders with bar code scanning

o Auto-import daily sales data from the POS system
o Use sales history by item to enable proper analytics

o Eliminate faxing and manual order-keying
o Decrease waste by knowing what is left in stock at stores
o Use bar coding to improve quality control

o Establish a solid foundation for growth as a franchiser
o Establish more formal procedures for running the business
o Automate manual tasks so that as quantity increases, labor hours can stay steady.

Ned Daryoush Moby Dick House of Kabob

Acumatica provides a level of visibility and process efficiency to our business that I never thought possible. It is very user-friendly and extremely customizable right “out of the box.” I also love how scalable it is; I foresee Acumatica being a long-term solution for us.