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If you’ve ever avoided using Info Explorer (the cube) because you didn’t want to break it, this video on cube fundamentals is for you.

This fun tutorial is for anyone who can identify with this client’s comment:

“I have a lot of tech savvy people in the office who avoided using the cube. I think they were afraid they would screw up the system somehow and were afraid to explore its boundaries. It wasn’t until we sat down and tried different actions and analyzed the results that they really started to understand.”


Cube fundamentals include:

  • understanding facts and dimensions
  • dragging dimensions to see data recalculate
  • being aware of filters and pre-filters
  • using the “refresh” button to pull fresh data from the database

There is so much you can do with these cubes. They are more than static reports- they offer a world of information that you can group and filter in powerful ways. Watch this video and give yourself the permission to explore.

What is Info Explorer?

Developed by Orchid Systems, Info Explorer is a powerful, intuitive analysis tool that allows you to explore your Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) and CRM data, providing insight to help you increase the performance of your business.

Info-Explorer helps address the following issues experienced by many businesses today:
Lack of accurate and timely information resulting in guesswork and poor decision making.
Too much information to analyze easily.
Key operational data not available for easy analysis.
Time consuming and inefficient processes to prepare data.
Over reliance on spreadsheets.
Business and productivity monitored using intuition and not operational metrics and targeted financial outcomes.

To learn more, check out some of Orchid Systems’ Info Explorer videos on YouTube.

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