Extending your Business

DataQuest carefully vets third party solutions for quality, functionality and customer service. When we believe that there’s a service out there that our customers should be using, we are happy to recommend it. This is a short list of our resources and recommendations for services that connect with and support your accounting solutions.

Resources for Hosting

DataQuest recommends using Swizznet for hosting. We can connect you with this premier Sage hosting provider – just reach out. Swizznet offers a specialty with Sage in the cloud, and also offers private cloud hosting. With Swizznet our clients have reduced long-term costs and IT headaches.

For technology & security, Swizznet offers:

  • Leading technology and peace of mind.
  • PCI Compliance
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity options
  • Cutting edge MIRO technology to provide optimal speed and reliable connectivity

Swizznet is a Sage Certified Partner with extensive experience providing customized cloud solutions for Sage products.

Resources for Payment Processing

The majority of our clients are switching to APS Payments for handling credit card payments.

APS is fully integrated with Sage 300,  Acumatica and other ERP systems. APS also offers:

  • Next Day Funding
  • Automated Level 3 processing
  • Free integration – no license fees, setup fees, maintenance, or upgrade fees
  • Free PCI Compliance assistance
  • Pre-authorizations that last 30 days
  • 24/7 live customer support

The savings APS is delivering to DataQuest clients is on average $20,000-$30,000 per year. More than 80% of companies who look at the APS integration move forward with the solution. Receive a free no-obligation analysis right here.

Recommendations for Integrations

There’s not a better tool for custom integrations than Integration Manager (Iman) by Realisable. Iman is a middleware product that bridges systems that don’t have any native integration. This allows you to use different systems for e-commerce, payments, or external websites and then use IMAN to bring them all together in one place.

It helps your systems function as a cohesive whole.

Recommendations for customizations within the Sage 300 ERP interface

The greatest hits for customizations that extend screens & increase functionality:

  1. Orchid Extender (see our case study)
  2. Orchid Information Manager Notes and Document Management Link
  3. Tairox Productivity tools:
    1. Extended Order Entry (With Extended Order Entry, an enhanced item finder shows prices, quantities and comments. Print picking slips, invoices, quotes & confirmations from the entry form. Add or delete a few items from a base kit, edit quantities and more. While viewing history, selects line details from previous orders. A ship button displays picked items in picking slip order. SmartFinder searches for customers and items and orders like an internet search engine.)
    2. Extended Customers (copies customers from one company to many. Maintains multiple contacts per customer. Includes many options to filter, log changes, increase speed & safety. SmartFinder searches for customers like an internet search engine. Will optionally enforce Country, State and Province codes.)
    3. Extended Customer Inquiry (adds SmartFinders, Google Map integration, multiple contacts and other functionality to Customer Inquiry. SmartFinder searches for vendors like an internet search engine.)

Recommendations for handling checks

PrintBoss software helps our Sage 300 customers process checks securely. PrintBoss can print onto blank check stock, creates a security stamp that identifies the person who printed the check, and can automatically create a Positive Pay file. Additionally, PrintBoss can email invoices, statements and other documents to customers. All emails are based on rules you define.

Many customers are encouraging employees to work remotely. Since checks are typically handled at the office, this can be a hangup for a dispersed workforce. However, PrintBoss can cope with this too. See our case studies for an example of remote check printing. The solution allows the accounting department to generate a check run, have an authorized signer electronically approve the checks, and use PrintBoss services for automatic printing and mailing.

Recommendations for Sage CRM Customizations

Mobile – Our customers have had good experiences with custom development for using Sage CRM on a mobile device. Whether you want to be able to access a custom entity, progress simple workflow, or even create a Sage 300 ERP order from your phone, using Mobile X will improve mobile access for your team.

Self-Service portal – Sage CRM makes a simple add-on that allows your customers limited web access to your Sage CRM system for self-service. This could include updating their address, requesting documents, or creating a customer service case. To make this portal really work with the look and feel of your website, we offer customizations to maintain consistency. Learn more about a real life example here.

We work with a small group of developers with very deep experience with Sage CRM. We offere many custom solutions to make sure the product reflects your business process and allows salespeople, customer service and marketing teams to make data-driven decisions and better understand customer behavior.

Recommendations for Use Cases

If you’re just looking for ideas on compelling deployments and ways others have used Sage and Acumatica tools, check out our extensive list of case studies or our blog.