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We recently joined our development partners at CRM Together for a web-side (nee fireside) chat about some of the examples of Sage CRM custom development we’ve produced to help customers deliver better service, understand customer behavior, and empower internal teams.

We give credit to Majella O’Connor at CRM Together for this lovely writeup!

The website chat on CRM custom development covers the following:

About DataQuest

We’re a Sage CRM Business Partner based out of Chicago with an approach at the long game. We are very focused on customer engagement, education and service. Our approach is very much ‘Please let us teach you!’ and we have an emphasis on documenting solutions and empowering  customers.

Our Collaboration Tools and processes

  • Using Confluence workspaces – avoiding an email storm
  • Workshops with Customers
  • Documentation – video and PDF
  • Ongoing Support

Custom Work delivered for Sage CRM:

  • Super-screens
    • Presenting lots of Sage CRM Screens in one single screen
    • Users benefit by having clicks reduced enormously
    • Multiple tables are updated at once
    • Handles user workflow
    • Customers get better Customer Service
  • Warranty Handling
    • Integration into the customer website
    • Data transformation to consolidate multiple sources of product registrations
    • Uploading of images or files via Customer 365 (customer portal) are funneled to the Case Manager
  • Custom Sage CRM “Visits” App
    • Using MobileX technology, present Sage CRM custom entitiy on users’ mobile devices.
    • Added customized search mechanism
    • Users can create a Sage 300 ERP order from the app


What DataQuest customers specifically loved about CRM Together products

  • Accelerator
    • Accelerator is a hinge between MS Outlook and CRM
    • Major behavior changes of users of CRM – Accelerator just makes it easy.
    • Increased user adoption
    • Easy to decide what emails should be filed to Sage CRM
    • Populating the CRM database with meaningful data
    • Ability to create a new case or opportunity for later response – within Outlook.
  • Customer 365 (self service portal)
    • Branding respected – looks like the portal belongs to the customer website
    • Empowers the customer to get in touch on their own terms
    • Allows for document storage for easy access and allows customer uploads
    • Mobile – responsive
    • Fully customizable
  • Crystal Manager
    • Can build a much more powerful report than the native Sage CRM report, beause you’ve got the power of Crystal Reports.
    • More control over formatting
    • Reports can be built and launched within a workflow
  • MobileX – Sage CRM for Mobile
    • Can work with custom entities
    • Deceptive simplicity of MobileX, easier to work with.
    • Great developer support and technical documentation

We also highlight some cool blogs from both the CRM Together site and from DataQuest that were mentioned during the session.

Full recording below:

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