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DataQuest client Walther Farms is doing some exciting work to increase access to information within the company.

Using Orchid’s Document Management Link, SharePoint and their own custom reporting server, built on SQL Server Reporting Services, team members can drill into reports and bring up the exact supporting documentation from their laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

This is especially salient for field staff. In the case of Walther Farms, the field staff are farmers. So the farmer can open their tablet, review a list of payables, and click on a specific line item to bring up a scanned invoice and confirm the price of a specific part. Yes, this requires that every document is digitized – the company has made a commitment to transparency and the work of scanning is part of that. In the long term, scanning takes the place of filing, and retrieval is where the real time is saved.

This also has a benefit for auditing purposes- it’s straightforward to now see all the supporting documentation for any purchase where there might be a question.

This self-service tool allows Walther Farms to optimize internal processes, reduce paper filing, and grant access to field staff and farm managers who would otherwise rely on the accounting team to see specific spending documentation.

Arline Welty interviews Josh Reeves, Director of Technology at Walther Farms, on this 10 minute video:


Walther Farms is committed to using technology to run their business better. They’ve also been profiled by our friends at Orchid, who are the developers for Document Management Link. But for Walther Farms, custom reporting tools are just one example of the commitment to technology. Learn more here.


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