Getting Started with Orchid EFT in Sage 300

Using Orchid EFT (electronic funds transfer) with Sage 300 ERP is just one step in helping move your business away from paper and toward digital transactions. Many DataQuest customers find that it solves more than a few business problems.

Questions That Indicate A Need for Orchid EFT

  1. “Can I pay my bills for my business electronically, the same way I do for some of my personal bills?”
  2. “How can I protect my business against check fraud?”
  3. “Is there a less expensive way to pay my vendors than cutting and mailing paper checks?”


Yes- Orchid EFT addresses all three of these concerns. This tool enables you to fully integrate EFT transactions into your Sage 300 ERP experience. In this post we’ll share more about how this is done. At DataQuest we often recommend the solutions that Orchid Systems create. For more about Orchid’s tools (such as Extender and Information Manager), see our Resources page.

Please enjoy the recording of our Orchid EFT Webinar:

At DataQuest, one of our core values is transparency. We try to be open with our knowledge and share it wherever we can. We create these posts and videos to share with customers, prospects, and other partners. Orchid EFT is a solid tool that we deploy at some of our largest customers. If this is something you’d like to explore, please get in touch.