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Introducing Acumatica

Should you consider Acumatica?

While migrating business management systems is a massive undertaking, there are times when it’s the best option for future-proofing the enterprise. In this post, we’ll help you think through the product’s pros and cons, how it’s different from the competition, and whether your organization is an ideal audience for Acumatica.

Why are we offering this?

Since 2015, DataQuest has been offering Acumatica in addition to Sage software. We selected Acumatica because it is a true Cloud option, built on the most contemporary technology available. It has been developed with the latest web technology tools with no legacy software, so its functionality immediately works on all devices. It is a browser-based solution, which means it can deployed quickly within your organization without any workstation software installations. This also plays well with the fact that Acumatica is open data (OData) enabled as a standard. This is a fantastic advantage for business intelligence usage over the internet.

Deciding on Business Management software

Questions to Consider

Ask This About your Business Management Needs:

What are the functional areas I use in my business management system now?

While it is a relatively young product, Acumatica is a full business management solution and includes ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and Business Intelligence. Many functions that are add-ons in legacy software are native to Acumatica. For example:

  • Both role-based and horizontal row-based application security functionality
  • Comprehensive drill-down functionality
  • Intercompany accounting
  • Project accounting capabilities
  • Scheduled automation capabilities
  • Ability to create file and note attachments to any transaction
  • Workflow approval processes throughout all modules
  • Email
  • Microsoft Excel and Outlook integration
  • Expense report management
  • Shipment tracking

Acumatica’s breadth and depth of functionality include all the robust business processes you need from a serious business management solution. At the same time, it is probably younger than your current system. Acumatica also has built in platform tools for development, customization and integration to go beyond the out of the box functionality if you need it. If you are concerned about moving from a mature system, inventory the parts of the system that are mission-critical and we can help you decide. Learn more about the product here.

What are my deployment wishes?

Acumatica is billed as a true could ERP solution. But your business has the choice of deployment options. In a marketplace where ERP software is trending toward cloud deployment, you can choose to run SaaS, On Premises or deployed on a cloud data center that you own.

How important is mobile to my business?

Mobile just works with Acumatica. Its inherent architecture allows for responsive design. And since it is browser-based, you see the same consistent web-based screen no matter what device you use. This is true whether you deploy it on-premises or via cloud.

How many people need to use the software?

With Acumatica, you pay by your resource needs, not by your user count. For organizations that are scaling rapidly, this is a major advantage. Acumatica does not charge fees on a per-user basis- so more users can be set up easily with minimum effort. For smaller organizations, the starting price may be less attractive, especially if the user count is low and stable, and robust cloud deployment is not a requirement.

Am I the right fit?

Acumatica and DataQuest share some core values – A commitment to honesty, integrity, and ethics in our work, and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect with our team and our clients. Our experience has been that the team at Acumatica is very accessible. And since Acumatica was created with small- and mid-sized businesses in mind, there is a real niche that plays well with its business management solutions.

If we can help you decide, please read more about Acumatica, review Acumatica’s ERP comparison checklist, and get in touch.