Sage 300 Cash Receipts – Automated

We recently created an automation for handling Sage 300 cash receipts that we know will be useful for some of our customers. Here, we step through a recording of how this automated cash receipt process works. You’ll see how it handles inputs, outputs and exceptions.

The Sage 300 Cash Receipts automation is built with a tool called IMAN (for Integration Manager). IMAN is middleware that automates manual tasks. It is one of the central tools that has delivered the most value for DataQuest customers over the past five years.  Our customers like that it uses the Sage 300 API, so that any automated processes that IMAN handles follow the strict business logic embedded in Sage. It essentially does the work of what a staff person would be keying on their own, except it’s more reliable, accurate, and consistent.


In this video, you’ll see how we auto Create AR Receipt Batches, starting with uploading details of documents paid by ACH.

We examine the source data, then see how the cash receipt batch gets created by IMAN.  Then we see how the IMAN job creates an output file explaining any overages or shortages.

This solution is meant to be used where there is typically a high volume of outstanding documents to be paid. The ideal application would also typically receive the remittance as a list provided by the financial institution or directly from your customer. The outputs are numerous:

  • Sage 300 Cash Receipts in a batch;
  • An output file to be used as the reconciliation document;
  • An audit email tracking each step of the automation.

This process can happen on an automated frequency or can be run on demand. When the job runs, an audit log is created. In the example shown here, we can see that the cash receipt batch was created, that two entries were processed, and each step has been noted.

After checking the audit, we examine the records in Sage 300 ERP. We can see the records which were applied and those which were not. And after looking at Sage 300 ERP we can also examine the outputs. The system automatically suffixes the output file with the cash receipt batch number in Sage to make it easy to track. The output spreadsheet also includes error handling logic so your staff can track down any errors.

We have been very pleased with how this solution was received. If you see how this could help your business, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to create this for you.

Sage 300 cash receipts