Save Emails to Sage CRM

Why would you want to save emails to Sage CRM?

Saving emails, phone calls, and documents to Sage CRM is more than just having an audit trail. Doing this helps build the knowledge and credibility of your organization. When people in your organization save emails to Sage CRM, it creates cross-company benefit. It helps build and share knowledge. It increases transparency. And it helps tell the story of how happy your customers are, too.

But isn’t it tedious to save emails to Sage CRM?

It is probably tedious if you’re trying to save an email, then drag and drop it to Sage CRM. That’s why the most successful Sage CRM customers we work with use Accelerator for Sage CRM. It’s an Outlook Plug-in that makes it easy to get communications logged into the system. There are a few updates to the product that make it even nicer to use.

What does Accelerator do?

Accelerator lives in your Outlook instance. On demand, it can pop open a Sage CRM window and allow you to:

  • save an email
  • log a phone call
  • create a customer service case
  • create a new sales opportunity

The user experience is straightforward, and because it uses the Sage CRM platform, it can show any custom entities or ASP pages you’ve developed for your system.

Is there a demo?

Yes, see our a 12-minute demo of Accelerator to show its functionality within Outlook.

What’s new in Accelerator?

The changes in the latest release are covered in this session recording. In this recording, captured at the online Sage Summit 2020, CRM Together Principal Marc Reidy introduces Accelerator and shows the latest enhancements, including extensions to Sage 300 ERP and improvements in file and image-saving options.

Is there a Mobile component?

Yes, the team at CRM Together also publish a tool called MobileX, which is an excellent app for your Sage CRM system. It easily outplays the native Sage CRM, has great support and documentation, and and can handle customizations from your system.

How do I get it?

Just let us know that you’re interested. The licensing is not tied to your number of Sage CRM seats- you can get as many or as few seats as you need. So, it’s not just that you’re trying to sage emails to Sage CRM- you’re building an entire system!