Case Study

Eliminating the delays in manual credit card processing

The Challenge

250 credit cards meant 8 hours of waiting

K&K Interiors is a thriving home decor distribution company with global relationships and an increasing number of customers. About half of those customers pay by credit card, and on a busy day, there could be 250 credit card transactions to process.

The customer service team had to manually authorize and process each card, leaving room for errors.

Due to various background processes running, each credit card could take 2 minutes to run. This could mean that a full 8 hours daily were distributed among customer service team members waiting for credit card processing to take place. While customer orders were being processed, the customer service team had an enormous burden on them.

The Solution

Reduced processing time and admin costs. Increased customer satisfaction and cash flow

A customer service staff person reviews a credit card order. When they determine that the order is eligible to be committed, they flip an order optional field so that an IMAN (Integration Manager) automation job can review it. The automation reviews inventory and other open orders to determine whether there is sufficient inventory on hand, and if so, the inventory is committed.

Behind the scenes, the IMAN automation then runs the credit card to process it. If the credit card is approved, then another flag is flicked on the order optional field so that the warehouse management system can ship the order. Once it has been shipped, another automation confirms that the order has been shipped & then communicates back to APS Payments to complete the payment capture process.

A faster, better customer experience

In addition to managing the successful credit card authorization and payment capturing processes, the customer can also keep track of the credit card status, because APS Payments manages the credit card steps. So- if a credit card is declined, that is fully traceable. This has helped get orders shipped to customers without delay, and has eliminated the agony of slow processing for each credit card transaction.
Terry Wilhelm Director of Operations, K&K Interiors

“I put my foot down and said we had to do something about it. Now I just point and click to get the info I need.”

Susan Sweeting Director of Finance, K&K Interiors

“Where we came from and where we are now is night and day. The automations that we have now, have drastically reduced the amount of overtime that used to be habitual in our fast-paced company. And from an accounting standpoint, the visibility we have into these integrated systems help control costs at a very detailed level.”

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